Install Citrix ICA-Client on Ubuntu 13.10

I use Citrix to remote login to my windows computer at work. That works quite well once I installed the ICA-Client. But unfortunately the debian packages from Citrix are broken and some certificates are missing. I had to do following steps to fix it.

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Create custom launchers for my eclipse installations

Launchers in linux are *.desktop files which describe an startable desktop application. Desktop environments like KDE, Gnome or Xfce use those files to create their start menus. Also my favorite application starter Kupfer uses the same information source. Most of the applications are installed using apt-get from a distribution like Ubuntu. They always install their own launchers for all users on that machine. But if you install for example eclipse distributions in your home directory, you have to create the .desktop files on your own. To get the best result I do it like this:

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